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Property & Construction


Residential Overview


We are buy and hold investors, with an emphasis on freehold assets.


With appropriate capitalisation and licensing these holdings are able to deliver high yields, ensuring sustainable financing and maintenance for the long term. We have interests in C3 - Residential Accommodation, C4 - HMO Accommodation and C2 - Care Accommodation.


C3 - Residential Accommodation


Residential accommodation represents a core competency for our organisation. In mandatory licensing areas, Local Authorities encourage new Landlords into their Boroughs with Accreditation schemes and licensing fees are not at present prohibitive.


Construction and renovation procedures are well established. These investments offer tried and tested workflows, particularly with working with similarly designed Victorian stock. Returning high quality, refurbished housing to areas previously suffering underinvestment dovetails with Local Authorities objectives and stabilizes communities.


We recognise the societal impact of high quality, well maintained buildings to the environments into which we invest.


C4 - HMO Accommodation


We acknowledge the problem of cynical subdivision of existing stock for HMO purposes. Our response has been to keenly analyze both the drivers of demand and to consider the historical problems associated with this type of accommodation, namely transience and churn.


Our HMO's work directly with Local Authorities’ to provide high quality, well maintained, well proportioned, living and recreation spaces that attract the highest caliber of tenants. The average turnover of our rooms is two and half years.


By complying with Licensing Schemes and by being given an opportunity to restore existing buildings in poor repair, we can demonstrate both how our model operates and how this sector can operate within existing stock.


C2 - Care Accommodation


We continue to express an interest in the provision of a) care for the elderly and b) care for vulnerable people.


We can design C2 accommodation within existing Victorian stock, as we are familiar with the size and proportions of this type of property.


Providing care in the community encourages social cohesion and we are well equipped to deliver layout requirements and specifications.